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VIP Concert Hospitality

August 2020
29ConcertShreya Ghoshal - Postponed Date TBCUtilita Arena Birmingham
September 2020
6ConcertRuPaul’s Drag Race SSE Arena, Wembley
10ConcertStormzySSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
12 - 13ConcertTrevor NoahLondon 02 Arena
15 - 16ConcertAndre RieuSSE Arena, Wembley
17ConcertStormzyManchester Arena
19ConcertRussel WatsonRoyal Albert Hall
20ConcertAndre RieuSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
21 - 22ConcertTash SultanaRoyal Albert Hall
30ConcertAbbaphonicRoyal Albert Hall
October 2020
1ConcertBiffy ClyroLondon 02 Arena
18ConcertOur Planet Live In ConcertLondon 02 Arena
20ConcertNick Mason's Saucerful of SecretsRoyal Albert Hall
23ConcertMcFlyManchester Arena
25ConcertOzzy OsbourneSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
26ConcertBiffy ClyroSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
26ConcertAlbert Sessions: Nathaniel RatcliffeRoyal Albert Hall
27ConcertMcFlySSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
28ConcertOzzy OsbourneLondon 02 Arena
28ConcertThe Big Thank You TourSSE Arena, Wembley
29ConcertMcFlySSE Arena, Wembley
29ConcertThe Big Thank You TourManchester Arena
29ConcertLiam GallagherLondon 02 Arena
31ConcertOzzy OsbourneResorts World Arena, Birmingham
31ConcertCarmina BuranaRoyal Albert Hall
November 2020
1ConcertThe Big Thank You TourSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
1ConcertFour Tops & The TemptationsManchester Arena
2ConcertOzzy OsbourneManchester Arena
2 - 3ConcertPatti SmithRoyal Albert Hall
3ConcertNial HoranUtilita Arena Birmingham
4ConcertDeacon BlueSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
8ConcertBarenaked LadiesRoyal Albert Hall
9ConcertKatie MeluaRoyal Albert Hall
11ConcertDeacon BlueRoyal Albert Hall
13 - 14ConcertJools Holland and His Rhythm & Blues OrchestraRoyal Albert Hall
20ConcertThunderResorts World Arena, Birmingham
21ConcertThunderSSE Arena, Wembley
21ConcertFree Radio Hits LoveResorts World Arena, Birmingham
24ConcertSoul II SoulRoyal Albert Hall
25ConcertDeacon BlueUtilita Arena Birmingham
December 2020
2ConcertPete Tong Presents Ibiza ClassicsManchester Arena
4ConcertDeacon BlueSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
11ConcertIl DivoUtilita Arena Birmingham
12ConcertChristmas with Il DivoSSE Arena, Wembley
14Concert3 Shots of Tequila LiveRoyal Albert Hall
17ConcertUB40SSE Arena, Wembley
18ConcertNightwishSSE Arena, Wembley
January 2021
4ConcertDua LipaSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
8ConcertBon IverSSE Arena, Wembley
10ConcertBon IverManchester Arena
13ConcertDua LipaUtilita Arena Birmingham
15 - 16ConcertDua LipaLondon 02 Arena
15ConcertBon IverSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
21ConcertDua LipaManchester Arena
February 2021
11ConcertSnoop DoggManchester Arena
12ConcertSnoop DoggResorts World Arena, Birmingham
12ConcertSnoop DoggUtilita Arena Birmingham
13ConcertHouse & Garage OrchestraSSE Arena, Wembley
15ConcertSnoop DoggLondon 02 Arena
18ConcertSimple MindsSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
19ConcertSimple MindsResorts World Arena, Birmingham
20ConcertSimple MindsSSE Arena, Wembley
25ConcertComic Relief: SpectacularSSE Arena, Wembley
28ConcertGregory PorterResorts World Arena, Birmingham
March 2021
2ConcertGregory PorterManchester Arena
3ConcertGregory PorterSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
5ConcertHans Zimmer LiveLondon 02 Arena
6ConcertFlameSSE Arena, Wembley
7ConcertHans Zimmer LiveManchester Arena
10ConcertThe WhoSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
11ConcertHarry StylesUtilita Arena Birmingham
12 - 14ConcertCountry to Country 2021 London 02 Arena
14 - 15ConcertCountry 2 CountrySSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
15ConcertDavid GraySSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
16ConcertHarry StylesSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
17ConcertThe WhoResorts World Arena, Birmingham
17ConcertDavid GrayLondon 02 Arena
19ConcertPlanet Earth II Live in ConcertSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
20ConcertDavid GrayResorts World Arena, Birmingham
21ConcertPlanet Earth II – Live in ConcertLondon 02 Arena
22ConcertThe WhoSSE Arena, Wembley
23 - 24ConcertHarry StylesLondon 02 Arena
24ConcertPlanet Earth II Live in ConcertResorts World Arena, Birmingham
29Concertthe WhoManchester Arena
April 2021
1 - 2ConcertGenesisSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
1ConcertJeff Wayne's The War of the WorldsUtilita Arena Birmingham
3ConcertBlossomsManchester Arena
5 - 6ConcertGenesisUtilita Arena Birmingham
7Concert5 Seconds of SummerSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
8Concert5 Seconds of SummerUtilita Arena Birmingham
9Concert5 Seconds of SummerSSE Arena, Wembley
10ConcertCraig DavidManchester Arena
10ConcertUB40London 02 Arena
12 - 13ConcertGenesisManchester Arena
12 - 14ConcertStormzyLondon 02 Arena
13 - 15ConcertBryan AdamsRoyal Albert Hall
13ConcertNick Cave & The Bad SeedsUtilita Arena Birmingham
15 - 16ConcertCeline DionManchester Arena
15 - 16ConcertNick Cave & The Bad SeedsLondon 02 Arena
16ConcertCraig DavidResorts World Arena, Birmingham
17ConcertStormzyUtilita Arena Birmingham
17ConcertJeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The WorldsLondon 02 Arena
18ConcertParkway DriveSSE Arena, Wembley
18ConcertCraig DavidUtilita Arena Birmingham
19 - 20ConcertCeline DionUtilita Arena Birmingham
20ConcertNick Cave & The Bad SeedsSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
20ConcertMaxim VengerovRoyal Albert Hall
21ConcertThe Joe & Dianne ShowUtilita Arena Birmingham
21ConcertNick Cave & The Bad SeedsManchester Arena
22 - 23ConcertCeline DionLondon 02 Arena
23ConcertPaul Heaton & Jacqui AbbottUtilita Arena Birmingham
24ConcertUB40Utilita Arena Birmingham
24 - 25ConcertCraig DavidLondon 02 Arena
25ConcertThe Bootleg BeatlesRoyal Albert Hall
26 - 27ConcertCeline DionSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
27 - 30ConcertGenesisLondon 02 Arena
27ConcertThe Psychedelic FursRoyal Albert Hall
May 2021
1 - 2ConcertJeff BeckRoyal Albert Hall
6ConcertAlicia KeysManchester Arena
8ConcertFoalsUtilita Arena Birmingham
13ConcertRuPaul’s Drag Race Utilita Arena Birmingham
13 - 16ConcertZuccheroRoyal Albert Hall
14Concerta-haSSE Arena, Wembley
14ConcertRick AstleyUtilita Arena Birmingham
15Concerta-haUtilita Arena Birmingham
18ConcertMcFlyResorts World Arena, Birmingham
18ConcertRick AstleySSE Arena, Wembley
21ConcertJames BluntRoyal Albert Hall
23ConcertPussycat DollsResorts World Arena, Birmingham
23ConcertPussycat DollsUtilita Arena Birmingham
23ConcertPet Shop BoysManchester Arena
24ConcertYesRoyal Albert Hall
25ConcertRick AstleyRoyal Albert Hall
26ConcertPussycat DollsManchester Arena
26ConcertBarry ManilowResorts World Arena, Birmingham
26 - 29ConcertGregory PorterRoyal Albert Hall
28ConcertPet Shop BoysSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
28ConcertPink MartiniRoyal Albert Hall
28 - 29ConcertPussycat DollsLondon 02 Arena
29ConcertPet Shop BoysResorts World Arena, Birmingham
29ConcertBarry ManilowSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
30ConcertMagic at the MuscialsRoyal Albert Hall
30ConcertTexasSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
30ConcertPet Shop BoysLondon 02 Arena
31ConcertBarry ManilowLondon 02 Arena
June 2021
1 - 20ConcertQueen + Adam LambertThe 02, London
2ConcertPussycat DollsSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
4ConcertBarry ManilowManchester Arena
5ConcertGerry CinnamonManchester Arena
8 - 19ConcertHampton Court Palace Festival - CancelledHampton Court
9ConcertCrowded HouseSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
9ConcertAlicia KeysLondon 02 Arena
10 - 11ConcertQueen + Adam LambertManchester Arena
10ConcertAlicia KeysUtilita Arena Birmingham
11ConcertGerry CinnamonResorts World Arena, Birmingham
11ConcertMalumaLondon 02 Arena
11ConcertCrowded HouseUtilita Arena Birmingham
13ConcertThe Music of Hans Zimmer v John WilliamsRoyal Albert Hall
13 - 14ConcertQueen & Adam LambertUtilita Arena Birmingham
15ConcertDiana RossSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
16ConcertRammstein European TourPrincipality Stadium
18ConcertThom YorkeSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
19ConcertJLSResorts World Arena, Birmingham
21ConcertDiana RossLondon 02 Arena
23ConcertAerosmithLondon 02 Arena
24ConcertDiana RossUtilita Arena Birmingham
25ConcertThe Hella Mega Tour: Green Day, Fall Out Boy & WeezerLondon Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Park
29ConcertAerosmithManchester Arena
30ConcertGeorge BensonRoyal Albert Hall
July 2021
1 - 3ConcertFrankie Valli & the Four SeasonsRoyal Albert Hall
1ConcertJLAManchester Arena
2 - 3ConcertJLSResorts World Arena, Birmingham
4ConcertBrian WilsonRoyal Albert Hall
5ConcertHollywood VampireUtilita Arena Birmingham
6 - 7ConcertJLSSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
7 - 11ConcertHenley FestivalHenley-on-Thames
8ConcertJLAManchester Arena
12 - 18ConcertJLSLondon 02 Arena
14ConcertDiana RossManchester Arena
15ConcertDiana RossLondon 02 Arena
August 2021
9ConcertHollywood VampireLondon 02 Arena
21ConcertHollywood VampireSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
21ConcertWestlife Wembley Stadium
28 - 29ConcertEaglesWembley Stadium
September 2021
4ConcertEhrlich BrothersSSE Arena, Wembley
18ConcertThe PlanetsRoyal Albert Hall
25ConcertThe DualersSSE Arena, Wembley
29ConcertBlack Stone CherryRoyal Albert Hall
30ConcertEvanescence + Within TemptationSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
October 2021
2 - 3ConcertAndrea BocelliLondon 02 Arena
3ConcertEvanescence + Within TemptationUtilita Arena Birmingham
4ConcertSimply RedSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
4ConcertEvanescence + Within TemptationLondon 02 Arena
5ConcertDeep PurpleSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
6ConcertFour Tops & The TemptationsUtilita Arena Birmingham
7ConcertDeep PurpleLondon 02 Arena
8ConcertDeep PurpleUtilita Arena Birmingham
10ConcertTemptations & The Four TopsLondon 02 Arena
11ConcertBilly OceanRoyal Albert Hall
14 - 15ConcertLewis CapaldiLondon 02 Arena
15ConcertMichael BoltonResorts World Arena, Birmingham
16ConcertDeep PurpleManchester Arena
18ConcertAlanis MorissetteUtilita Arena Birmingham
20ConcertAlanis MorissetteLondon 02 Arena
22ConcertAlanis MorissetteManchester Arena
22ConcertSimply RedResorts World Arena, Birmingham
22ConcertThe WeekndUtilita Arena Birmingham
23 - 24ConcertSimply RedThe 02, London
23 - 27ConcertCliff RichardRoyal Albert Hall
24ConcertThe WeekndManchester Arena
25ConcertMichael BoltonRoyal Albert Hall
25ConcertThe WeekndThe 02, London
28ConcertLevel 42Royal Albert Hall
29ConcertElton JohnManchester Arena
November 2021
2 - 14ConcertElton JohnThe 02, London
6ConcertNew OrderLondon 02 Arena
19ConcertElton JohnManchester Arena
21ConcertElton JohnResorts World Arena, Birmingham
23ConcertElton JohnUtilita Arena Birmingham
December 2021
1ConcertElton JohnManchester Arena
2ConcertPete Tong presents Ibiza ClassicsUtilita Arena Birmingham
2 - 3ConcertPete Tong Presents Ibiza Classics 2020London 02 Arena
3ConcertAustralian Pink FloydUtilita Arena Birmingham
4ConcertHuman LeagueUtilita Arena Birmingham
4ConcertAustralian Pink FloydSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
9ConcertHuman LeagueSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
10ConcertHuman LeagueManchester Arena
11ConcertHuman LeagueSSE Arena, Wembley
13 - 14ConcertElton JohnSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
18ConcertMo GilliganUtilita Arena Birmingham
March 2022
14 - 15ConcertOrchestral Manoeuvres in the DarkRoyal Albert Hall