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VIP Concert Hospitality

August 2021
12ConcertSimple MindsSSE Arena, Wembley
13 - 24ConcertHampton Court Palace FestivalHampton Court
21 - 22ConcertWestlife - Postponed to 2022Wembley Stadium
28 - 29ConcertEagles - PostponedWembley Stadium
September 2021
4ConcertEhrlich BrothersSSE Arena, Wembley
7ConcertSnoop DoggUtilita Arena Birmingham
10 - 11ConcertTrevor NoahThe 02, London
14ConcertWhat's Love Got to Do With ItUtilita Arena Birmingham
15 - 19ConcertHenley FestivalHenley-on-Thames
18ConcertBlossomsAO Arena, Manchester
18ConcertThe PlanetsRoyal Albert Hall
19ConcertMcFlyResorts World Arena, Birmingham
20 - 22ConcertGenesisUtilita Arena Birmingham
21ConcertBring Me The HorizonSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
23ConcertHAIMSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
23ConcertMcFlyAO Arena, Manchester
24 - 25ConcertGenesisAO Arena, Manchester
25ConcertBring Me The HorizonUtilita Arena Birmingham
26ConcertMcFlySSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
26ConcertBring Me The HorizonThe 02, London
28ConcertDua LipaUtilita Arena Birmingham
29ConcertBlack Stone CherryRoyal Albert Hall
30ConcertHAIMThe 02, London
October 2021
1ConcertAbbaphonicRoyal Albert Hall
1ConcertGerry CinnamonUtilita Arena Birmingham
2ConcertProfessor Brian Cox LiveUtilita Arena Birmingham
3ConcertEvanescence + Within TemptationUtilita Arena Birmingham
3ConcertThe Psychedelic FursRoyal Albert Hall
4 - 5ConcertPatti SmithRoyal Albert Hall
5ConcertFour Tops & The TemptationsAO Arena, Manchester
6ConcertFour Tops & The TemptationsUtilita Arena Birmingham
7 - 8ConcertGenesisSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
8ConcertNothing But ThievesThe 02, London
8ConcertDeep PurpleUtilita Arena Birmingham
10ConcertTemptations & The Four TopsThe 02, London
11ConcertBilly OceanRoyal Albert Hall
11 - 13ConcertGenesisThe 02, London
13ConcertPaul Heaton & Jacqui AbbottSSE Arena, Wembley
13 - 16ConcertGregory PorterRoyal Albert Hall
15ConcertMichael BoltonResorts World Arena, Birmingham
16ConcertErasureUtilita Arena Birmingham
17ConcertErasureThe 02, London
18ConcertRick AstleyRoyal Albert Hall
18ConcertAlanis MorissetteUtilita Arena Birmingham
20 - 21ConcertJLSSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
22ConcertThe Bootleg BeatlesRoyal Albert Hall
23 - 24ConcertSimply RedThe 02, London
23 - 27ConcertCliff RichardRoyal Albert Hall
23ConcertJLSResorts World Arena, Birmingham
25ConcertMichael BoltonRoyal Albert Hall
26ConcertGerry CinnamonResorts World Arena, Birmingham
27ConcertPaul Heaton & Jacqui AbbottUtilita Arena Birmingham
28ConcertLevel 42Royal Albert Hall
29ConcertNitin SawhneyRoyal Albert Hall
29ConcertKiss Haunted House PartySSE Arena, Wembley
30ConcertElton JohnAO Arena, Manchester
31ConcertBarenaked LadiesRoyal Albert Hall
November 2021
1 - 2ConcertBon IverSSE Arena, Wembley
2 - 17ConcertElton JohnThe 02, London
4 - 5ConcertJLSThe 02, London
5 - 6ConcertStepsResorts World Arena, Birmingham
6ConcertNew OrderThe 02, London
8Concert3 Shots of Tequila LiveRoyal Albert Hall
8ConcertBlondieUtilita Arena Birmingham
9ConcertBlondieAO Arena, Manchester
11 - 12ConcertStepsAO Arena, Manchester
12ConcertOMDResorts World Arena, Birmingham
13ConcertRick AstleyAO Arena, Manchester
18ConcertBlondieThe 02, London
18ConcertNightwishResorts World Arena, Birmingham
18ConcertAlanis MorissetteSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
19ConcertDeacon BlueUtilita Arena Birmingham
19ConcertFatboy SlimSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
19 - 20ConcertJools Holland and His Rhythm & Blues OrchestraRoyal Albert Hall
19ConcertDeacon BlueResorts World Arena, Birmingham
19 - 20ConcertJLSThe 02, London
19ConcertElton JohnAO Arena, Manchester
20ConcertBlondieSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
20ConcertAJ TraceyAO Arena, Manchester
20ConcertFree Radio Hits Live 2021Resorts World Arena, Birmingham
20ConcertAnt MiddletonUtilita Arena Birmingham
21ConcertMcFlyThe 02, London
21ConcertElton JohnResorts World Arena, Birmingham
22 - 23ConcertStepsSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
22ConcertTinieRoyal Albert Hall
23 - 24ConcertJLSAO Arena, Manchester
23ConcertJon HopkinsRoyal Albert Hall
23 - 24ConcertAlanis MorissetteThe 02, London
23 - 24ConcertElton JohnUtilita Arena Birmingham
24ConcertThe Offspring & special guests The HiveResorts World Arena, Birmingham
26ConcertJames & Happy MondaysUtilita Arena Birmingham
26 - 27ConcertJLSResorts World Arena, Birmingham
26 - 27ConcertStepsThe 02, London
27ConcertThe OffspringSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
27ConcertPete Tong presents Ibiza ClassicsAO Arena, Manchester
29ConcertMichael Ball & Alfie BoeResorts World Arena, Birmingham
29ConcertThe OffspringAO Arena, Manchester
30ConcertJames & Happy MondaysSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
December 2021
1ConcertGary BarlowSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
1ConcertElton JohnAO Arena, Manchester
2ConcertDeacon BlueRoyal Albert Hall
2ConcertD-Block EuropeThe 02, London
2ConcertPete Tong presents Ibiza ClassicsUtilita Arena Birmingham
3ConcertJames & Happy MondaysAO Arena, Manchester
3ConcertAustralian Pink FloydUtilita Arena Birmingham
3 - 4ConcertPete Tong Presents Ibiza ClassicsThe 02, London
3ConcertMadnessSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
4ConcertHuman LeagueUtilita Arena Birmingham
4ConcertBugzy MaloneAO Arena, Manchester
4ConcertAustralian Pink FloydSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
9ConcertGary BarlowAO Arena, Manchester
9ConcertHuman LeagueSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
10ConcertGary BarlowResorts World Arena, Birmingham
10ConcertGary BarlowUtilita Arena Birmingham
10ConcertHuman LeagueAO Arena, Manchester
11ConcertMadnessAO Arena, Manchester
11ConcertHuman LeagueSSE Arena, Wembley
12ConcertMichael Ball & Alfie BoeSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
13ConcertNightwishSSE Arena, Wembley
13 - 14ConcertElton JohnSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
14ConcertThe Millennium TourThe 02, London
16ConcertIl DivoUtilita Arena Birmingham
16 - 17ConcertGary BarlowThe 02, London
16ConcertMichael Ball & Alfie BoeAO Arena, Manchester
17ConcertAmy MacdonaldSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
17ConcertChristmas with Il DivoSSE Arena, Wembley
18ConcertMo GilliganUtilita Arena Birmingham
18ConcertMadnessThe 02, London
19ConcertDeacon BlueSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
19ConcertMichael Ball & Alfie BoeThe 02, London
21ConcertUB40SSE Arena, Wembley
January 2022
23ConcertOur Planet Live In ConcertThe 02, London
February 2022
6ConcertSimply RedAO Arena, Manchester
11ConcertSimply RedSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
13ConcertSimply RedResorts World Arena, Birmingham
19 - 20ConcertSimply RedThe 02, London
22ConcertDropkick MurphysSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
23ConcertArchitectsSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
25ConcertLumineersSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
25ConcertUB40The 02, London
March 2022
2ConcertSnoop DoggSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
2ConcertLumineersAO Arena, Manchester
3ConcertSnoop DoggResorts World Arena, Birmingham
4ConcertLumieersThe 02, London
4ConcertOzzy OsbourneResorts World Arena, Birmingham
5ConcertUB40 ft Ali Campbell & AstroUtilita Arena Birmingham
5ConcertSnoop DoggAO Arena, Manchester
7ConcertOzzy OsbourneThe 02, London
8ConcertAlbert Sessions: This is the KitRoyal Albert Hall
8ConcertSnoop DoggThe 02, London
9ConcertOzzy OsbourneAO Arena, Manchester
11 - 13ConcertCountry 2 CountrySSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
11 - 13ConcertCountry to Country 2021 The 02, London
14 - 15ConcertOrchestral Manoeuvers In the DarkRoyal Albert Hall
14ConcertOzzy OsbourneSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
20ConcertPlanet Earth II – Live in ConcertThe 02, London
22ConcertSabatonSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
22 - 23ConcertHans Zimmer LiveThe 02, London
24ConcertJeff Wayne's The War of the WorldsUtilita Arena Birmingham
24ConcertHans ZimmerAO Arena, Manchester
24ConcertJeff Wayne's Musical Version of War of the WorldsResorts World Arena, Birmingham
26ConcertPlanet Earth II Live in ConcertResorts World Arena, Birmingham
27ConcertPlanet Earth II Live in ConcertSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
30ConcertRoyal BloodThe 02, London
April 2022
1ConcertJeff Wayne's War of the WorldsAO Arena, Manchester
2ConcertRoyal BloodAO Arena, Manchester
3ConcertRoyal BloodSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
4ConcertTexasSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
5ConcertEvanescence + Within TemptationThe 02, London
6ConcertSimple MindsSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
7ConcertEvanescence + Within TemptationSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
7ConcertSimple MindsResorts World Arena, Birmingham
8ConcertCamelPhatSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
9ConcertCraig DavidUtilita Arena Birmingham
9ConcertCamelPhatSSE Arena, Wembley
9ConcertJeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The WorldsThe 02, London
10ConcertCraig DavidResorts World Arena, Birmingham
15ConcertDua LipaAO Arena, Manchester
16 - 17ConcertCraig DavidThe 02, London
18ConcertSoul II SoulRoyal Albert Hall
20ConcertSuzy QuatroRoyal Albert Hall
20ConcertAndre RieuAO Arena, Manchester
21 - 23ConcertLittle MixResorts World Arena, Birmingham
21 - 22ConcertZuccheroRoyal Albert Hall
23ConcertCraig DavidAO Arena, Manchester
23ConcertAndre RieuSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
23ConcertNick Mason's Saucerful of SecretsRoyal Albert Hall
24ConcertDua LipaSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
27 - 28ConcertLittle MixSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
30 Apr - 1 MayConcertAndre RieuResorts World Arena, Birmingham
May 2022
30 Apr - 1 MayConcertAndre RieuResorts World Arena, Birmingham
2 - 3ConcertDua LipaThe 02, London
6 - 7ConcertLittle MixAO Arena, Manchester
6ConcertAnne-MarieSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
7 - 8ConcertEric ClaptonRoyal Albert Hall
8ConcertGregory PorterAO Arena, Manchester
9 - 11ConcertBryan AdamsRoyal Albert Hall
11ConcertGregory PorterResorts World Arena, Birmingham
12 - 14ConcertLittle MixThe 02, London
14ConcertThe DualersSSE Arena, Wembley
16ConcertGregory PorterSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
20 - 21ConcertAndre RieuSSE Arena, Wembley
20ConcertPet Shop BoysAO Arena, Manchester
22ConcertPet Shop BoysThe 02, London
25 - 26ConcertCeline DionUtilita Arena Birmingham
26ConcertDavid GrayResorts World Arena, Birmingham
27Concerta-haSSE Arena, Wembley
27ConcertDavid GrayThe 02, London
27ConcertThunderResorts World Arena, Birmingham
28ConcertPet Shop BoysResorts World Arena, Birmingham
28Concerta-haUtilita Arena Birmingham
28ConcertThunderSSE Arena, Wembley
29ConcertPet Shop BoysSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
29 - 30ConcertCeline DionThe 02, London
30 - 31ConcertJeff BeckRoyal Albert Hall
30 - 31ConcertQueen + Adam LambertAO Arena, Manchester
31ConcertDavid GraySSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
June 2022
2 - 3ConcertQueen & Adam LambertSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
3 - 4ConcertThe KilllersEmirates Stadium
3ConcertMeshuggahRoyal Albert Hall
5 - 21ConcertQueen + Adam LambertThe 02, London
5 - 6ConcertCeline DionAO Arena, Manchester
7 - 8ConcertBillie EilishAO Arena, Manchester
8 - 9ConcertCeline DionSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
10 - 16ConcertBillie EilishThe 02, London
10ConcertCrowded HouseSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
11 - 12ConcertQueen & Adam LambertUtilita Arena Birmingham
11ConcertAlicia KeysAO Arena, Manchester
13ConcertAlicia KeysThe 02, London
14ConcertBillie EilishSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
14ConcertDiana RossAO Arena, Manchester
17ConcertLive at ChelseaRoyal Hospital Grounds
17ConcertElton John Farewell Yellow Brick Road The Final TourAnfield Stadium, Liverpool
17ConcertDiana RossSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
17ConcertBarry ManilowResorts World Arena, Birmingham
19ConcertBarry ManilowThe 02, London
19ConcertElton John Farewell Yellow Brick Road The Final TourStadium of Light, Sunderland
21ConcertYesRoyal Albert Hall
22ConcertAerosmithThe 02, London
23 - 24ConcertDiana RossThe 02, London
23ConcertBarry ManilowSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
24ConcertThe Hella Mega Tour: Green Day, Fall Out Boy & WeezerLondon Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Park
25ConcertBillie EilishThe 02, London
26ConcertFrankie Valli & The Four SeasonsResorts World Arena, Birmingham
26ConcertGeorge BensonRoyal Albert Hall
26ConcertBarry ManilowAO Arena, Manchester
28ConcertAerosmithAO Arena, Manchester
29 - 30ConcertGladys KnightRoyal Albert Hall
July 2022
1 - 2ConcertFrankie Valli & The Four SeasonsRoyal Albert Hall
1 - 2ConcertGuns n' RosesTottenham Hotspur Stadium
5 - 10ConcertKew the MusicKew Gardens, London
5 - 10ConcertKew the MusicKew Gardens, London
8 - 9ConcertAmerican Express presents BST Hyde Park - Pearl JamHyde Park, London
10ConcertAmerican Express presents BST Hyde Park - Duran DuranHyde Park, London
September 2022
1 - 2ConcertLewis CapaldiThe 02, London
17ConcertCarmina BuranaRoyal Albert Hall
19ConcertMaxim VengerovRoyal Albert Hall
20ConcertAndrea BocelliSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
30 Sep - 1 OctConcertAndrea BocelliThe 02, London
October 2022
30 Sep - 1 OctConcertAndrea BocelliThe 02, London
6 - 8ConcertThe WeekndThe 02, London
10ConcertThe WeekndAO Arena, Manchester
11ConcertThe WeekndUtilita Arena Birmingham
22ConcertBon IverSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
22ConcertDeep PurpleSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
24ConcertBon IverAO Arena, Manchester
26ConcertDeep PurpleAO Arena, Manchester
November 2022
15ConcertThe WeekndSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
16ConcertThe WeekndThe 02, London
21ConcertAlanis MorissetteAO Arena, Manchester