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VIP Concert Hospitality

September 2019
21 - 23ConcertStar Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in ConcertRoyal Albert Hall
24 - 25ConcertGeorge EzraRoyal Albert Hall
26ConcertNitin SawhneyRoyal Albert Hall
27 Sep - 12 OctConcertStill Game LiveSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
28 - 29ConcertKeaneRoyal Albert Hall
30ConcertRichard ThompsonRoyal Albert Hall
October 2019
27 Sep - 12 OctConcertStill Game LiveSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
1ConcertEckhart TolleRoyal Albert Hall
2ConcertThe Beauty of TchaikovskyRoyal Albert Hall
3ConcertLetters LiveRoyal Albert Hall
4ConcertAlice CooperManchester Arena
4 - 5ConcertSkyfall in ConcertRoyal Albert Hall
5ConcertBBC Radio 1xtra LiveArena Birmingham
7ConcertKanoRoyal Albert Hall
9 - 13ConcertDisney On Ice celebrates 100 Years of MagicManchester Arena
11ConcertGOT7SSE Arena, Wembley
11ConcertChris De BurghRoyal Albert Hall
11ConcertAlice CooperResorts World Arena, Birmingham
13ConcertJohn MeyerThe 02, London
13ConcertSir Karl Jenkins: 75th Birthday ConcertRoyal Albert Hall
15ConcertSymphonic QueenRoyal Albert Hall
15ConcertBoyzoneResorts World Arena, Birmingham
16ConcertBoyzoneSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
17 - 19ConcertLittle MixSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
17ConcertRoy Orbison & Buddy HollyResorts World Arena, Birmingham
17ConcertAnd in The EndRoyal Albert Hall
18ConcertSettling the ScoreRoyal Albert Hall
18ConcertJohn MayerManchester Arena
19ConcertBoyzoneManchester Arena
19ConcertAndrea BocelliResorts World Arena, Birmingham
20ConcertAlfie Boe & Danielle De NieseRoyal Albert Hall
20ConcertAndrea BocelliSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
24ConcertDJ Spoony presents Garage ClassicalRoyal Albert Hall
24ConcertCherManchester Arena
25ConcertThe Stepback! 90s vs 00sManchester Arena
25ConcertKISS Haunted House PartySSE Arena, Wembley
26ConcertNicky JamSSE Arena, Wembley
26ConcertNicky JamSSE Arena, Wembley
26ConcertCherArena Birmingham
26ConcertCarmina BuranaRoyal Albert Hall
27ConcertCharles EstenRoyal Albert Hall
27ConcertAndrea BocelliManchester Arena
27ConcertCharles EstenRoyal Albert Hall
27ConcertHavasieSSE Arena, Wembley
28ConcertJulio IglesiasRoyal Albert Hall
28ConcertCherSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
29ConcertSqueezeRoyal Albert Hall
30ConcertJoJo SiwaSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
31ConcertJoJo SiwaManchester Arena
31Concert80's Invasion TourArena Birmingham
31ConcertLisa StansfieldRoyal Albert Hall
November 2019
1ConcertStepback! 90s v 00sSSE Arena, Wembley
2ConcertJoJo SiwaResorts World Arena, Birmingham
2ConcertE3UK LiveArena Birmingham
3ConcertBurna BoySSE Arena, Wembley
4ConcertCatfish & The BottlemenArena Birmingham
5ConcertAn Evening with A-HARoyal Albert Hall
6ConcertThe Music of the NightRoyal Albert Hall
7 - 9ConcertLittle MixResorts World Arena, Birmingham
7ConcertChristina AguileraSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
8ConcertThe Magic of MowtownArena Birmingham
8ConcertCatfish & The BottlemenSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
9ConcertThe Australian Pink FloydArena Birmingham
9 - 10ConcertChristina AguileraSSE Arena, Wembley
10ConcertChronixx & Koffee LiveArena Birmingham
10ConcertStepback! 90s v 00sResorts World Arena, Birmingham
11ConcertSarah BrightmanRoyal Albert Hall
12ConcertLiam GallagherArena Birmingham
12ConcertChristina AguileraManchester Arena
14 - 16ConcertLittle MixManchester Arena
14ConcertChristina AguileraResorts World Arena, Birmingham
14ConcertSnarky PuppyRoyal Albert Hall
15 - 16ConcertJools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues OrchestraRoyal Albert Hall
15ConcertLiam GallagherSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
16ConcertThe Australian Pink Floyd SSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
16ConcertFree Radio Hits Live 2019Resorts World Arena, Birmingham
17ConcertHits Radio Live 2019Manchester Arena
17ConcertStepback! 90S VS 00SSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
18ConcertGhostSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
18 - 19ConcertMarillionRoyal Albert Hall
20ConcertLiam GallagherManchester Arena
20ConcertSnow PatrolRoyal Albert Hall
21 - 24ConcertClassical SpectacularRoyal Albert Hall
22ConcertGhostSSE Arena, Wembley
22ConcertLumineersSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
22Concert The Chemical BrothersManchester Arena
23ConcertRod StewartManchester Arena
23ConcertThe Chemical BrothersSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
24ConcertThe LumineersManchester Arena
24ConcertHalestormSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
25ConcertBjorkSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
25ConcertAustralia Pink Floyd ShowRoyal Albert Hall
26ConcertHawkwindRoyal Albert Hall
28ConcertDidoArena Birmingham
28 - 30ConcertRod StewartSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
29ConcertThe Chemical BrothersArena Birmingham
December 2019
5ConcertJim JefferiesResorts World Arena, Birmingham
5 - 8ConcertMarvel Universe Live!Arena Birmingham
6ConcertGiggsSSE Arena, Wembley
6ConcertEmma Bunting's Christmas PartyRoyal Albert Hall
6ConcertJim JefferiesManchester Arena
7ConcertPete Tong Presents Ibiza ClassicsManchester Arena
7ConcertUnderworldSSE Arena, Wembley
8ConcertPete Tong Presents Ibiza ClassicsSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
11ConcertPete Tong Ibiza ClassicsArena Birmingham
11ConcertLets Rock the Retro Winter TourSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
12ConcertJim JefferiesSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
12ConcertChristmas with Katherine JenkinsRoyal Albert Hall
12ConcertFast Love Arena TourArena Birmingham
13ConcertRod StewartArena Birmingham
13ConcertLet's RockSSE Arena, Wembley
14ConcertWe Love the 90'sResorts World Arena, Birmingham
14ConcertCourteenersManchester Arena
15ConcertAlter BridgeManchester Arena
16ConcertTrevor Nelson's Soul ChristmasRoyal Albert Hall
17ConcertAlter Bridge & ShinedownSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
17 - 19ConcertRod StewartThe 02, London
18ConcertWe Love the 90'sSSE Arena, Wembley
18ConcertAlter BridgeArena Birmingham
19ConcertWe Love the 90'sSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
20ConcertWe Love The 90'sManchester Arena
20 - 21ConcertGerry CinnamonSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
21ConcertUB40Arena Birmingham
29 - 31ConcertThe SteamieSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
January 2020
12 Jan - 16 FebConcertCirque du Soleil - LuziaRoyal Albert Hall
16ConcertSlipknotManchester Arena
18ConcertSlipknotSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
24ConcertSlipknotArena Birmingham
29ConcertJonas BrothersArena Birmingham
February 2020
12 Jan - 16 FebConcertCirque du Soleil - LuziaRoyal Albert Hall
1ConcertTedeschi Trucks BandSSE Arena, Wembley
3ConcertJonas BrothersSSE Arena, Wembley
5ConcertOzzy OsbourneManchester Arena
5ConcertJonas BrothersSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
6ConcertJonas BrothersManchester Arena
8ConcertSabatonSSE Arena, Wembley
12ConcertOzzy OsbourneSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
14ConcertJames BluntArena Birmingham
14ConcertOzzy OsbourneResorts World Arena, Birmingham
25ConcertThe 1975Arena Birmingham
26ConcertLana Del RayManchester Arena
27ConcertEditorsArena Birmingham
28ConcertEditorsSSE Arena, Wembley
28ConcertLana Del RaySSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
28ConcertJames BluntManchester Arena
29ConcertStereophonicsArena Birmingham
29ConcertLana Del RayResorts World Arena, Birmingham
March 2020
1ConcertThe 1975SSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
5 - 6ConcertLewis CapaldiSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
7ConcertJames ArthurArena Birmingham
7ConcertAn Evening with WitneyArena Birmingham
10ConcertJames ArthurSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
11ConcertStereophonicsSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
12 - 13ConcertLewis CapaldiSSE Arena, Wembley
13ConcertStereophonicsManchester Arena
13 - 15ConcertCountry 2 CountrySSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
14ConcertJames ArthurManchester Arena
16Concertthe WhoManchester Arena
18ConcertJon HopkinsRoyal Albert Hall
19ConcertWhat's Love Got To Do With It?Arena Birmingham
23ConcertThe WhoSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
April 2020
1ConcertThe WhoResorts World Arena, Birmingham
3ConcertPlanet Earth II - Live in concertResorts World Arena, Birmingham
4ConcertPlanet Earth II Live in ConcertSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
7ConcertBarry ManilowSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
7ConcertJames BluntRoyal Albert Hall
8ConcertThe WhoSSE Arena, Wembley
8ConcertThe Bootleg BeatlesRoyal Albert Hall
11ConcertBarenaked LadiesRoyal Albert Hall
12ConcertThe Joe & Dianne ShowArena Birmingham
15ConcertBrassed Off LiveRoyal Albert Hall
17ConcertCraig DavidManchester Arena
17ConcertAn Evening with Bryn TerfelRoyal Albert Hall
18ConcertParkway DriveSSE Arena, Wembley
19ConcertCraig DavidArena Birmingham
23ConcertAndre RieuResorts World Arena, Birmingham
24ConcertAndre RieuSSE Arena, Wembley
26ConcertBon IverSSE Arena, Wembley
27ConcertBon IverArena Birmingham
29ConcertMcFlySSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
30ConcertBon IverManchester Arena
May 2020
1ConcertBon IverSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
1ConcertMcFlyManchester Arena
7ConcertLets Face The MusicRoyal Albert Hall
7ConcertNick Mason's Saucerful of SecretsRoyal Albert Hall
8ConcertMcFlySSE Arena, Wembley
9ConcertGregory PorterManchester Arena
9ConcertAndre RieuSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
9ConcertMcFlyResorts World Arena, Birmingham
13ConcertGregory PorterSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
16ConcertGregory PorterResorts World Arena, Birmingham
17ConcertSea ShamblesRoyal Albert Hall
19 - 23ConcertGregory PorterRoyal Albert Hall
21ConcertPink MartiniRoyal Albert Hall
28ConcertBarry ManilowResorts World Arena, Birmingham
29ConcertPet Shop BoysManchester Arena
30ConcertPet Shop BoysResorts World Arena, Birmingham
31ConcertBarry ManilowManchester Arena
June 2020
6ConcertPet Shop BoysSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
10 - 11ConcertZuccheroRoyal Albert Hall
13ConcertThe Music of Hans Zimmer vs John WilliamsRoyal Albert Hall
July 2020
3 - 5ConcertWireless FestivalFinsbury Park, London
8 - 12ConcertHenley FestivalHenley-on-Thames
August 2020
22ConcertWestlife Wembley Stadium
October 2020
16ConcertSimply RedResorts World Arena, Birmingham
17ConcertSimply RedManchester Arena
28ConcertThe DualersSSE Arena, Wembley
November 2020
9ConcertElton JohnArena Birmingham
11ConcertElton JohnResorts World Arena, Birmingham
17ConcertElton JohnManchester Arena
24 - 25ConcertElton JohnSSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow
24ConcertSoul II SoulRoyal Albert Hall
28ConcertElton JohnManchester Arena